For the last 5 of our 9 years of existence, Highlands Church has been meeting in the Holiday Theatre. For some, this is the only home they’ve known for the church.

It feels like a perfect fit for us – you can’t really tell how beautiful and interesting it is until you come in and poke around! Most of us are like that, too.

We spent a year restoring the building since the theater had not been used for decades, the electricity was shot, water damage was rampant, and it was painted a most hideous shade of blue. The hieroglyphic murals were covered with moldy burlap and were not visible to us. The walls in the lobby were flat white plaster concealing all the niches, arches and architectural interest from its former years as the Egyptian theater.

That, too, is a decent metaphor for most of us. There are many layers covering up our beauty and often it seems to go undiscovered. I had to pound the walls with my fist and listen for a “hollow” sound behind the plaster and when I heard that sound I’d swing my hammer into the plaster and start pulling stuff away. I can’t tell you how much messy old plaster dust was covering up all the interesting details in favor of a uniform, flat, white wall.

Sometimes we’re like the flat, white walls too. The beauty is hidden but nobody will miss it or even know it’s there if we can just keep the façade in place. It’s an effective coping mechanism if you don’t want to truly be seen, cherished or go through the messy stage to reveal the beauty.

But God often swings that hammer and breaks through to the other side. No one has ever liked the hammer smashing through our bland, protective exterior, but those who have experienced God’s continued excavation find their life far more interesting and life-giving than what the flat, white plaster was. Sometimes God has to seemingly wreck the house to reveal the temple.

September 22 and 23rd our beautiful building will be featured in the Doors Open Denver, an event publicized nationally by the Denver Architects Foundation. I will be available both days to lead mini-tours about the history of the building. You can see a little promotional piece for it right here.

Would you be interested in being a volunteer part of either of those days and help me show off this beauty? Here’s a link that has openings both for the 22nd and the 23rd (look for the “Highlands Church at the Holiday Theatre” slot).

We’ll have fun together knowing this is not only a cool building but also part of God’s story in our lives!

Nothing but love,