H is also for Here, Hope, Happy, Heart and Home. These words can only attempt to describe the hundreds of stories and the journeys that have led each and every one of us to this family we call Highlands Church. Here is our new brand for Highlands Church North Denver, the genesis of a whole new strategy in the way we communicate our story. A great team has worked in brand research, assimilation, consulting and design of what you see. We are all grateful for each and every one of them for the time spent doing this exciting work, a visual identity that will transition with us from almost 10 years as a community into the next decade ahead.

Here we release our new brand with eleven hues of goodness as we are all beautifully different and each holds a very unique story of belovedness, faith, resilience and redemption. Our brand taps into the shapes that we see in Denver and Colorado, from the mountains in our backyard, to our art museum and our famous blue bear. It reflects a mosaic approach that reminds us of our traditions and our liturgy, and it holds in its core, the reality of our journey, that what may have been called broken, was never broken at all; and whatever was, was turned into something deeply beautiful as we all come together to form Highlands Church.

Our brand reflects the newness and renewal that we see in our city, but it also holds strong roots in the heritage and legacy of those who first built it, fostering the uniqueness and soul that made our neighborhoods. For us, the neighborhood of North Denver has such roots, and we honor those who know it with its original name, thus the addition of North Denver to our brand. As you’ve noticed, we also have a new look for our TiddBits Newsletter, our pulse, released every week and reflecting what we feel as a community.

So we have a brand new outfit, a makeover of our visual identity. We all carry this family name known as Highlands, and I am certain we will all represent it well. Highlands Church North Denver, great times are ahead for us as a faith community! Come alongside as we take on our next assignments in continuing to bring the love of God and goodness not only to Denver but to the world!


With much Hope and gratitude,

Hayro Luque | Strategic Communications