Six years ago Monique Crine, who was not yet married to Brett Johnson (but he was hopelessly smitten) pointed out to me that something was missing from our church. We just didn’t have enough fun altogether. We needed more parties. “Actually”, she said, “we should have a really big, fun Christmas party, a Gala, where people can get dressed up fancy if they want to and we could have a blast together.”

Since she was making this brilliant suggestion at the end of November I assumed she was presenting a great idea for us to do the next year. Au contraire! To know this lovely force of nature is to know that she knows how to get big things done when she wants them done!

Most of you probably don’t know that Monique organized and executed the restoration of all our crazy/wonderful hieroglyphs in the auditorium in about 4 days.

Our first Gala happened in just over 2 weeks from when Monique first suggested it! It wasn’t what it has become today but it was amazing, nonetheless. Turn out was fantastic and we found out loud and clear that our church loves to party together!

Monique wanted to build on that success and have the Gala not only be a blast but become a great fundraising opportunity. In characteristic fashion, she not only coordinated that effort with many people to make it happen with both a silent auction and a live auction, but it has become our single most effective fundraiser. Many of the ministries of Highlands Church North Denver are supported from the money raised at this one event, the Gala, which is from 5:00–8:00 this Sunday night!

If you have never come before, please, PLEASE, come and see what you’ve been missing. You can come as you are but lots of people take this rare opportunity in casual Colorado to put on the Ritz and have fun getting fancy. All the food and drinks are FREE! Jacob and Jaime make lots of delicious “heavy” hors d’oeuvres and snacks. Joe Quillin and I make up vats of our famous Christmas Cosmos, and there’s a great wine selection, but there is plenty of deliciousness to drink that has no alcohol in it and will be clearly marked.

The silent auction runs through the happy hour time and then at 6:15 we move into the auditorium for a program that is, well, it’s just something you’d never expect to see at a church Christmas party. There’s great music, comedy and a live auction. It’s all kid-friendly, but it has our Highlands twist to it.

And did I mention that this brainchild of Monique’s is THIS Sunday, the day after she’s due to deliver her first child!

If you come and don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back. Oh wait a second, it’s completely free!

Nothing but love and getting in party mode,

You may view some of the items from our silent auction tomorrow on our social media: @HChurchDenver