“Stink! Stank! Stunk!” These are the three words used to describe Mr. Grinch, the miscreant who stole Christmas.

“Bah! Humbug!” These are the two words Ebenezer Scrooge used to express his disgust with all things Christmas.

“Drivel!” This is the one word Grumpy Tidd uses when he gets “seasonal salutations” that are so vacuous and void of meaning that they are just a waste of perfectly good syllables.

You must get these things in your Inbox too. What do you do when you read a salutation this is a group of seasonal words arranged with proper syntax but doesn’t really seem to say anything? I’m guessing your brain sees “drivel” and ignores them just like me.

I got a doozy today that said, “May the holiday season shine a light on all that brings you joy.” Yep, that’s it. Ordinarily, my eyes skip over these kinds of words like a flat stone across a pond. For some reason, I paused after my initial quick glance and went back to actually read the words. I did so, a couple times. The more I read it, the less it meant.

I know the company that sent the note was saying something “nice”; but if they were trying to convey something beyond, “Happy niceness to you,” I can’t say.

So as I was sitting down to write the Christmas Tiddbits I decided, “No drivel!” I have something substantive I hope you’ll mull over that makes a connection between God’s incarnation and ours.

I hope that God coming in the flesh of Christ deeply comforts those of you who are afflicted and afflicts those of you who have become so comfortable that Jesus is just a take it or leave it proposition and not the very ground of your being.

I hope that God coming in the flesh of Christ to the world motivates some of you to come in the flesh to the gatherings of God’s people to worship the source of every good and loving thing that is.

For those of you who have been so wounded by religion that coming to church is harmful, rest assured that God is not stuck at church but is with you, taking delight in who you are wherever you are.

For those of you who have just gotten lazy, or let the kids call the shots, that’s okay, too. But is it helping you do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God?

God came into the world in the flesh of Christ for our sake. Sometimes the reason it is important for you to show up in the flesh is not for your sake but someone else’s.

We are better together and together we are the body of Christ, not just body parts scattered all over the city.

My Christmas wish for all of us is guilt free, it really is. But I wanted you to have words you could take to heart and mull over, reject, respect, rearrange or respond to but not ignore as just nice holiday drivel.

Nothing but love,
Grumpy Tidd