Community Groups

(Deepen, Social and Ongoing)


It’s been a slower start to our Deepen Groups this fall, as we’re trying out a new “old” model. To date:
•  We have a leader in Broomfield and need participants
•  We have a leader in the Highlands – specific to addiction support– and need participants
•  We have participants in Centennial and Glendale/Belcaro, but need a  leader.
Email Stephanie Hegland at to lead or participate.


“The Storm”
Talking about the spiritual aspect of recovery from addiction is like talking about the round side of a tennis ball. “The Storm” is a Deepen group that focuses on recovery from addiction, alcohol, pain, suffering, and the storms of life by discussing our relationship with God through our church community. While this is not a 12-step recovery group, we will discuss 12-step principles as they relate to us dealing with the inherent challenges we face as human beings. Through these discussions, we will share how we are learning to rely on God and each other to move through those times so that we may be able to pass on this experience to others. Sign up HERE!!

Broomfield Community Group
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Weekly gathering over a meal, sharing stories with other community members from the surrounding area to deepen understanding of self, relationship with others and God.

Glendale/Belcaro Community Group
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A weekly Deepen Group, meeting over a meal, to share their stories with other Highlands members living in the Glendale/Belcaro area.

Returning to the Roots of Deepen Groups

During the last year, the leadership team has evaluated the success of Deepen Groups. We revisited the intent of why these groups were started nearly eight years ago. Our conclusion is that, while many groups have created lasting friendships, it is time to return to our roots this fall.
We are called to offer opportunity to go deeper into learning and growing about self, each other and God. To create space for reflection, conversation, and vulnerability: the birth place of authenticate relationships. By sharing, hearing and acknowledging our own and others’ stories we will be better equipped to spread our mission of do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.

What Are Deepen Groups?

These are small (7-12) groups within our church community, who gather to grow deeper with God and each other. Gathering for 8-10 weeks over a meal* creates an opportunity to understand each other, our stories, and our faith journey. Participants bring a treasure they wish to share with the group. And then talk about what that artifact (book, CD, photograph, sculpture, etc.) means to them and how it has shaped their story.

Deepen Groups Are Not Primarily…

…educational opportunities or book clubs. Nor are they courses though everyone will learn a lot from each other. They are not just an intellectual exchange, but are meant to engage the heart as well. Groups are not lead by leaders with expertise, but by fellow church members with a heart to serve.
We recognize these groups may not be for everyone. However, we passionately believe these groups must be available for those in need of or desire for deeper relationships.

If this stirs your heart, if you want to participate in, or host a conversation, email Stephanie Hegland at

*We have found breaking bread together facilitates relationship building. These meals need not be extravagant or the responsibility of the leader. We suggest either potluck-style gatherings or collecting a donation for a take-out order.