My fellow Highlanders, hello!

Olja here – or as Jill Altieri likes to call me – America’s favorite refugee!

Being called “America’s favorite refugee” brings a big smile to my face. My family was saved by a beautiful family in Germany who took us in when we were escaping the war. I also know, my German family has been saved too. Both sides were transformed.

Both sides had their hearts opened to people and things that were, at first, unfamiliar and perhaps a little scary, but soon became cultural charms.

Imagine allowing someone who is struggling to enrich your life. What a crazy idea, right? That someone who is poor and broken could do more good for you than you for them?

My dear brothers and sisters, I know what it’s like to be on both sides. To need help and to give help. We have the opportunity to be friends with refugees who have lost all hope.

We have the opportunity to show them our love, God’s great love. We have the opportunity to love one another as He loves us. Let’s come together and bring hope, love and joy to these strangers waiting to be our friends.

While there are many who want to help the refugees, it requires a great deal of coordination by people who are equipped to help with some of the legal and logistical requirements. ACC, the refugee support agency we want to help, is overworked and understaffed. We feel strongly we need to help the currently part-time volunteer coordinator be able to work full-time in order for all the willing volunteers to be able to be involved.

Therefore, our mission is to raise $25,000 by October and we need your help. This money will fund a full-time volunteer coordinator at ACC who will strategize effective ways volunteers, like you and me, can help refugees in our community.

In this crazy world we live in, let’s be the change we wish to see. Will you please join me in this effort and help support our refugee brothers and sisters?


Please visit this direct link to donate to the refugee cause.