Well, of all things, I was invited to open the Session of the Colorado Senate this Monday morning. Actually, two of us prayed: Dilpreet, a Sikh and a colleague I know through our involvement with the Interfaith Alliance, prayed first, then I.

Rightfully so, prayers offered in this context must be nonsectarian both politically and religiously. I think that could potentially lead one to say something that is the same as saying nothing, only with a lot more syllables. Below is my prayer and I hope it says something that you can take to heart as well.

“God of our many understandings, we are grateful for this day which is only going to happen once so we pray we will have more joys than regrets, that we will have observed better and ignored less, that we will have been quick to listen and slow to speak, that we will have looked to the interests of others and not only ourselves.

On this day which will only happen once, some people of Colorado will have the best day of their life and others will have their worst. Most will have something in between. We pray strength, courage and wisdom for each of our state senators and representatives who do not serve a blob of humanity but individuals whose stories are as varied as those who will have their best day today, those who will have their worst, and the many in the middle who want to live an ordinary day that meets their needs, brings them some joy and dignifies their humanity.”

Nothing but Love,