How do you hear from God? And by that I mean, is God actually trying to communicate with us individually about specifics in our life, our choices, our priorities, our jobs etc.? Or does God just communicate in generalities that are intended for all humanity like, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself?

My short answer to this ancient questions is going to be disappointing for anyone hoping I’m going to reveal a 3 step process to know and understand God’s will!

For starters, I think God has many voices and means of communicating. Some people “hear” God best when alone in the mountains surrounded by beauty and others “hear” God most clearly when reading scripture. Some people “hear” God watching Schindler’s List, seeing a dying relative’s post on Facebook, sitting at home petting their Labradoodle or just standing in line at Safeway when they have an “Aha!” that seems to have come from God. On occasion people say they hear from God at church.

Some people might feel like they get daily guidance from God while others say they feel like God points them in the general direction but that all of the choices and decisions along the way are theirs to make. I’ve heard some people who say they “hear” from God often describe it as if God is leading them like a horse by the reigns while others describe a much less immediate sense of God’s guidance more as if God is the guard rails on a mountain highway to keep them from going off the cliff.

I’ve felt a closeness to God much of my life but there have only been a handful of times when I felt like I “heard” (not audibly) God directing me personally. I’m going to write about those times in next week’s Tiddbits because they factor into why I feel God is shifting my calling of 35 years as a full time pastor into semi-retirement starting this July. That is, unless one of you hears clearly from God that Tidd is delusional!

Nothing but love,