As we’ve been seeing, sometimes hearing God is infused with some drama and the spectacular, other times it is hearing something in the Bible as if God was saying it directly to us, sometimes it’s subtle and almost sneaks into our consciousness and often times we hear God when we really hear what another person has to say.

I want to elaborate on that last one a bit today and say that I think we can hear from God with some frequency if we find someone’s voice and words with which we really connect. It can be an author, a speaker, a friend, a counselor and sometimes, I’m told, even a parent! There are just some people who are trustworthy truth tellers who say or express things in a way that registers in our deep places as wisdom. God is very often in those voices through the mouths or the pen of others.

But I also want to add that hearing from God more clearly may also mean not listening to the voices and words of those who don’t speak the truth in love. There are some voices in our lives that perpetually create confusion and angst within us. Those can be ghost voices from the past that continue to shame us and harm us. They can be voices that don’t see who we truly are as unique individuals and so seek to conform us into what meets their expectations. Listening to those voices makes it really hard to hear God.

And there are some voices we love hearing but they only say what we want to hear, which isn’t all that good for us. One thing I’ve certainly found to be true is that, if we are truly listening to God in whatever way we personally hear God, it will effect change in our attitudes and our actions because God’s voice often disrupts our status quo. God’s voice both comforts and disturbs us, but toward the same end. God speaks to us so that we can keep growing and changing into the fullness of our greatest capacity as the Beloved, which, at another point in time, was described as growing in “Christlikeness.”

Keep listening for God’s voice. Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice!” (John 10:27)

Nothing but love,