“Bear one another’s burdens”, so says the Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:2. Just a few verses later in verse 5 he says that each of us will have to “bear our own load.” Some of the things that weigh us down are ours to carry alone, but there are other burdens we carry that also need someone else’s shoulder beneath it to bear some of the weight.

This past week I have had a burden of another kind and I have needed people to bear it with me. It has not been a burden of woe or sorrow; it has been a burden of the sheer weight of glory that our garden is displaying. Beauty is it’s own kind of burden and often it is too much to bear alone.

The Hebrew word for “glory” requires a full mouth of saliva to pronounce. “Chabod”- the ch sounds like when you clear your throat and the accent is on the last syllable which is pronounced like “bode.”

Chabod is both the word for “glory” and for “heavy or weighty.” Solomon’s beautiful temple was so filled with the presence of God that it was “heavy” with glory, almost too much to bear.

That’s how I’ve felt this week with the peonies bursting next to the largest hostas we’ve ever grown, the mock orange bushes in full blossom in front perfuming half the block, poppies everywhere and the roses in the backyard staging a full scale riot of color and aroma along with the wisteria and many other beauties from God’s palette.

Leanne has been visiting her mom in Hull, IA and I have not been able to bear the beauty alone so I’ve had staff over, my kids over, a Deepen Dinner over, any stranger that wants to see the garden is welcome, etc.

There are some things, both woes and beauty, that we are to bear alone; but there are others of each that are too weighty to bear alone.

Nothing but love,