If you haven’t yet heard the news, the Staff and Leadership Council announced on Sunday that the Holiday Theater is no longer the right fit as a home for us. Watch a short video of Mark, Jenny, and I giving a brief explanation HERE. You can get more information by attending an Info + Prayer Meeting immediately following the service on 9/22 and 9/29. Childcare is provided.

When we first began asking the question of whether the Holiday Theater was the best home for us moving forward, I had all kinds of feelings. A year ago, my family moved into a different house. That experience had me internally screaming, “Oh heaven, help me!” at the thought of moving the church. I also felt sad about leaving our quirky hieroglyphs and the way this space can feel disarming and comfortable to people who have a hard time with institutional churches.

Many years ago, Mark had a vision from God, which said, “Your neighbors need to know God.” For Mark, that was the beginning of the call to plant a church in the North Denver neighborhood. Highlands Church North Denver is the fruit of our labor together, led by this call.

So I began to wonder – if the Holiday Theater is too limiting for us to thrive in our mission, what does that mean for the call Mark had?

And then I remembered the church in Seattle, who’s leaders desperately needed to know this inclusive community exists, and who began to lead with our Ethos. I remembered the pastor in Florida I met this week who’s hoping to get some support for her and her co-pastor as they figure out how to do shared leadership well. I remembered that just two weeks ago, we offered our space for the training of 140 new volunteers for Casa de Paz.

Some of us live within walking distance of the Holiday, but most of us drive. A few come from as far away as the Springs, Northeast Colorado, even Wyoming. What God is doing through this church – planted into this neighborhood – is much, much bigger than we imagined when we got started!

Leaving the Holiday Theater will be difficult for some of us. But I am convinced that who we are, and what we are called to, is only becoming more clear. When we find our new location, it will quickly feel like home because WE are the church. Our Ethos is the welcome mat. And Communion will be served at the new dinner table every week, like always.

Please plan to stay for an Info + Prayer Meeting. We need you in this with us.

Together in this,