Highlands church North Denver has been the best “experiment” I’ve ever been part of. And, yes, I know we are a church, but the whole prospect has been an experiment in being a new kind of church.

Like, would it be possible to be a church where everyone is welcome without exception? Where differences between people could be beautiful instead of divisive?

Could we be a church that takes the Bible seriously; yet so seriously that we can’t take it literally?

What would it be like to be a church that sees God gathering all God’s children instead of dividing them up according to religion, sexual orientation, wealth, race etc.?

Could we be a church that didn’t only refer to God as masculine by also referring to God as “she” and “her” and “Mother”, without diminishing the very real person and presence of God?

What would it be like to be a faith community where doubts often lead us into deeper places than our fears would have let us go?

What if our leadership wasn’t directed only by a man or men? What if we practiced leadership without hierarchy? Could three co-pastors lead through mutual understanding than by the will of one person?

What if the Trinity, the ancient Christian truth that God is present to us within the community of the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, was not just an archaic theological principle but an archetype for human relationships and groups?

What would we do in the name of love for God and others if we didn’t have the menacing threat of Hell and God’s condemnation looming in the background at all times?

What if Jesus died on the cross to reveal the extent of God’s love rather than to remove God’s wrath against our sin?

What if we could raise generations of children who wouldn’t have to go to therapy just because they had grown up in the church?

I could go on and I’m guessing some of you could too! We are celebrating the10th anniversary of this crazy experiment called Highlands Church North Denver this Sunday and I hope you can come!

Nothing but love,