Hello Highlanders,

I think most of you have heard that after much time, discussion, prayer and consideration, the decision has been made to leave the Holiday Theater. I’ve been attending Highlands for five years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this location. When people ask what I like about our church I generally say the people, the covenant, the desire to be a healthy organization and the opportunity to be of service. While I think the building is very cool and unique, I seldom to never reference that when answering the question.

When people wonder about my thoughts concerning the decision, I usually say it seems to be a sound one based on the realization that the building no longer meets the needs of the entire community. Our needs have changed over time-we need additional space for our youth; an area large enough for people to gather for the purpose of connecting and belonging; and, we need a home that allows us to live within our financial means while supporting the people, ministries and things that matter to us.

There are times in life when we face the hard reality that a house, spiritual community, relationship, job or a belief system no longer fits or meets our needs. My mom experienced some of this 15 months ago when, at the age of 93, she made the decision to move in to the nursing home. My brothers and I had hoped mom would live out the rest of her years at home, however, declining physical health required a higher level of care than could be provided in the home. Mom has done an amazing job of creating a “sense of home” in her new living environment. She still writes a letter nearly every day, talks on the phone to friends and family, participates in activities, watches her favorite shows, and is fortunate to have lots of visitors. Perhaps the thing that warms my heart the most is to see her still providing support, care and encouragement to those around her.

Leaving the Holiday is a major transition for our community that will involve questions and feelings and times of uncertainty. I believe there is space for all of that, now and as we continue this journey. I do not know where we will end up, but I do trust this process and am grateful to be walking through it with each of you!

With heart,

Cindy Wells