Ok people, it’s time to dust off that old 80’s prom dress! Yep, it’s gala time! In years past, we have had a lot of fun and raised some money too. To be frank, every year we have a dilemma, because the gala is part fundraiser, and part “really fun party”. So, holding that tension, we are switching things up a bit this year.

We really want this night to be one of gratitude and generosity. The staff and Leadership Council feel so grateful for everyone who calls Highlands Church home. We are grateful for those of you who sit in the back and leave right after the service, we are grateful for those who comes to Lord’s table and those who stay in their seats, we are grateful for every child and teen, and we are grateful for everyone who gives, be it with your time or financial resources. We are simply grateful for your presence, however you show up.

Out of our gratitude for you, the staff and leadership council have put together 6 gift baskets. On the night of the gala, you will receive 3 carnival tickets, and you will write your name on each ticket. Then drop it in the box next to the basket you would like to win. Or you could write the name of someone else on your ticket and drop it in the basket you would like to see them win. One of the baskets is “12 Months of Dining”, which will have 12 gift certificates for restaurants in the Denver metro area. Another will be a “Kid Basket With Some Grown Up Stuff Thrown In”, which will have movie tickets, restaurant certificates, summer camp vouchers, a birthday party with the Denver Balloon Guy, and lots more!

As I mentioned, this is also a fundraiser. This year, it is our goal to raise $50,000. And we have some fun and meaningful ways to do that!
If you have been around Highlands for a bit, you have probably heard that we don’t just want you to attend, we want you to BELONG. So for our live auction this year, we will be auctioning off “Belonging Dinners”. These dinners have been donated by people in our community to help foster belonging.

You might bid on a Brazilian dinner hosted by Caio and Mariel Santos, or enjoy an Italian night with Jennie and Kevin Lewis. Your Deepen group may choose to bid on a dinner and go as a group. Or you may bid on a dinner and show up to meet some new folks. You might decide to give your belonging dinner spot to someone else. The “Belonging Dinner” descriptions are on our website, the app and in the program Sunday mornings. If there is a dinner you really want to attend, make sure you use the “buy now” option to secure your spot!

We are excited for the night of December 8th, and we hope you will join us. There will be fun 80’s style food, (and let me say, there was nothing healthy about the 80’s in terms of food, but, we will have some healthy options!) really amazing and funny 80’s style entertainment, (like a virgin…you get the picture) a prom arch for pictures (neon pink and green balloons y’all!), and lots of other fun! I can’t wait. Parents, there will be childcare.

Our heart for this night is that it is another step toward deeper belonging in our community, through gratitude and generosity.