We’re about to take our next step forward as a church: we are looking for a new home!

Over the last decade, we’ve lived in 4 different buildings: The Oriental Theater, an old church (that’s been converted into condos/brewery) on 32nd and Lowell, North High School, and for the last 6+ years, the beloved Holiday Theater.

Now, we’re preparing for a gigantic step into the future. Our strategic plan and God’s wisdom have led us to see clearly that, for the sake of our children, youth, and families, we need more room.

We don’t know all the answers yet, but 1700 S. Grant in the Platte Park area, looks promising if the building is in good shape. The rest of this month includes lots of prayer, discernment, and due diligence as we inspect the building, consider carefully our finances, and come to consensus with our Leadership Council.

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But some things never change!

Our work in the world keeps moving us toward a bigger vision for justice, kindness, and humility! And God continues to use our efforts to love people, develop leaders, and cultivate a more just and generous world in which to raise our kids and live our lives. You will experience one unique example of our ongoing mission this Sunday at our 10am Worship Service. We’ll be celebrating and ordaining two amazing young leaders, Caio Santos and Heather Lundy.

Each of them finished their theological education, earning Masters of Divinity degrees. They both prayerfully submitted to our discernment process. And they feel called by God to be ordained into formal ministry in the Body of Christ.

Part of our ongoing vision is to empower young leaders for Church-work beyond Highlands Church. So we pray that God inspires Heather and Caio for a lifetime of strengthening the faithful, comforting the afflicted, awakening the heartless, and drawing those who feel lost into the love of God.

Please join us on Sunday! Ordination is an “all-hands-on-deck” ritual for Highlands Church. As a community we will be asked to say YES! affirming and encouraging Heather and Caio as they say YES! to live and lead from the foundation of our ethos.

Together with Caio, Heather, and you