Highlands Church and the Holiday Theatre


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Own Vs. Rent

Highlands Church does not own The Holiday Theatre. We rent space from the owner, VidaPoint, LLC. At this point in our church development, renting space is the best possible scenario, and we think we have the absolute best venue in the Highlands neighborhood!

A Unique Relationship

The Holiday Theatre was purchased by the members of VidaPoint (including two co-pastors) who saw an opportunity to keep our vital, young church in the Highlands neighborhood. They believe this space in the heart of Lo-Hi can serve as a community gathering place for all kinds of people, and that Highlands Church can serve the neighborhood effectively from the Holiday Theatre. VidaPoint purchased this building with the vision of providing the space to Highlands Church at a low rate, to ensure the longevity of the church.


Normal market standards dictate that tenants are responsible to pay 80% of the cost of the build-out (any changes the building needs in order to accommodate the tenant). In the case of the Holiday, this included hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover expenses like bathrooms, HVAC, a new roof and a full renovation of the historic auditorium. These renovations were generously donated by VidaPoint.


VidaPoint charges reduced rent for Highlands Church which includes full use of the Holiday Theater, the front lobby spaces, and the garage for far less than market value. Most recently, VidaPoint has charged drastically reduced rent for the church to use additional rental space for our Children Soul Care needs and other new ministry initiatives.


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All church-related usage of the building must also be coordinated through the facilities director at facilities@highlandschurchdenver.org.


Direct any questions to leadershipcouncil@highlandschurchdenver.org.