Leadership Council



The Highlands Church Leadership Council is a selected group of 6-10 key volunteers who work alongside the Staff Team casting vision for the future of Highlands Church and giving oversight to the Budget, Fundraising, and leadership work of the co-pastors.


Robbie is married to Karen and they have three children and two grandchildren. They have been longtime friends with Highlands Church and now love being Sustaining Partners. Robbie works for Dry Bones Denver as a Co-Director serving as spiritual direction director. A motto Robbie lives by is “all people have unsurpassable worth.”


Chris Hegland, Leadership Council

Chris Hegland

Chris is one of our newest Leadership Council members! His bio is coming soon! He can be reached at chris.hegland@gmail.com

Randi has a motto of “Thrive, not just survive”. She has been going to Highlands Church for 8+years, and has found a spiritual community that helps support and develop that motto. She has been involved in several Deepen Groups and volunteer activities and is excited to serve the community in this role. Hopefully, you too can find a place at Highlands where you feel accepted, connected and a part of something bigger.

Professionally, Randi has a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver and a Bachelor’s in Biology. She works to serve the public at the State of Colorado by coordinating grants and loans to local governments for water and wastewater infrastructure projects (the systems that help water come out of the faucet and where the poo water goes when you flush the toilet!).

Randi is married and has two adorable canine kids. She and her family love camping, backpacking and traveling the world. She also is a budding ukulele enthusiast.


Josh is from Avalon, California on Catalina Island until he left for college. During that transition, he met his wife Sabrina, and they married in 2003. He attended the University of Redlands, obtaining his degree in Sociology and Anthropology, with a specific interest in archaeology. Josh worked for three summers on the Hopi Reservation documenting rock art, mapping ancient pueblos, and analyzing ceramic artifacts. When he completed his undergrad work, he continued his research while getting a Master of Arts degree in Archaeology at Northern Arizona University. He currently works for the National Park Service preserving the collective history of our county and managing complex transportation projects.

In 2015, Josh and his family attended their first event at Highlands Church, “Hops for Honduras,” and immediately got invited to a Deepen Group. It wasn’t long before Josh and Sabrina realized this is the ministry and church they have been looking for and a place to call their home to raise their two children, Ainsley and Elise.


Charlie was born in Dearborn, Michigan, but moved to Colorado over 40 years ago – he is an “almost” native.

He went to Western Michigan University as an undergrad in Printing Management and Business. He received his MBA from University of Colorado, Denver in Information Systems. He has sold printing for the last 40+ years and at age 65 started his own print broker company.

Charlie has served on other church deacon and elder boards and spent 10 years planting a new church in Highlands Ranch. He has attended Highlands Church for more than 5 years and just finished leading a Deepen Group through Brian McLaren’s book, “The Great Spiritual Migration.” He was also a faithful member of the Bible-In-A-Year group that was led by Jenny Morgan and Brittany Scritchfield.

He is a pickleball fanatic and plays at least 9 holes of golf a week. He lives in a high-rise condo downtown with Barb, his wife of 33 years. He has 2 grown daughters, Katie and Jill, who also live in Denver.


Jenny Morgan likes playing Tama drums and she’s an avid road cyclist. Jenny grew up a coal miner’s daughter, the oldest of four kids, in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She discovered a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ sometime early in the 70’s under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, some Pentecostal friends, and reading the Bible voraciously.

She loves people, particularly her 13 nieces and nephews, most of whom live far too far away. She earned a bachelors degree in music from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. After serving happily for 23 years in Youth for Christ/Campus Life, along with doing a bunch of writing, speaking, and teaching, she finally became a pastor. Jenny enjoys wine and cheese with her life partner anywhere near Florence, Italy. She lives her life as though God really does adore her – and she believes God adores everyone else too. Some of her best memories are working alongside amazing people in Chicago, as well as Sri Lanka, The West Indies, Egypt, all over the continent of Africa, and in Denver, Colorado.


Angela was born in Colorado, and grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas. After graduating from the University of Texas San Antonio, Angela moved back to Colorado to attend graduate school. It was during graduate school, that she worked at a crisis center for homeless families and then a residential treatment center for adolescent girls that she found a passion for working with children who had experienced trauma in their short lives. Social work was not in her life plan, but ultimately God’s plan led her to it.  She has been in child welfare for 17 years, and is currently supervising the Adams County Foster Care Program.

Angela is the very proud mommy to her three daughters, Anderson (6), Quinn (4), and Elliott (4). She and the girls live in SE Aurora. Angela and her family enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, game night, and exploring Colorado. Anyone that knows Angela knows that she loves to entertain and cook for others. She has an eye for everything beautiful, and can see the beauty in everything.

Angela came to Highlands in 2014 as a guest, and her first experience outside of a Catholic Church. Highlands Church has become a home away from home for Angela and her family, and she looks forward to watching her children grow with God at Highlands Church for many years to come.


Caio was born in Brazil and came to the United States for business school in 2009. Planning to get a degree and return to his home country right after, his plans completely changed as he unexpectedly met his lovely wife, Mariel, and ended up staying in the States. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2012, Caio worked at a bank in Duluth, MN for a few years, until he decided to take his life a different course and start Seminary at Fuller. Caio also loves the outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking in the middle of nowhere.

At the beginning of 2016, Caio and Mariel decided to move to Denver, CO in the hope to find a more diverse community that would more truly fulfill their dearly-held value of inclusiveness. Caio has now been at Highlands Church for a little over a year, but has already encountered the family of a lifetime.


Tami is one of our newest Leadership Council members. She was born in West Bend, Wisconsin, during the time that her parents were in language school for becoming missionaries in South America. At the age of two, Tami’s family moved to Colombia, South America, where she spent most of her childhood as a missionary’s kid. Having briefly attended grade school in the Colombian public-school system, Tami had the opportunity to become bilingual, and became deeply culturally connected with the Colombian culture at an early age.  Through all her life experiences, Tami found her passion in high education, where she is focused on helping others find ways to achieve their dreams and succeed in college.  After completing her Ph.D. in 2015, Tami started looking for opportunities in Colorado to be closer to her parents who retired from their missionary work to Colorado Springs. Tami is now the Executive Dean of Enrollment Management at the Community College of Denver. After moving to Denver in 2016, Tami started attending Highlands Church. 

Tami is a proud mom of two grown children, Lauren and Corbin, who live in the Pennsylvania area. Tami is engaged to Susan Camp and is looking forward to their wedding in May of 2020.  Susan and Tami live in Arvada with their cat, Abi.  They love gardening, reading, fishing, hiking, exploring, hosting backyard barbeques and traveling.


Bart is a Southern California native by birth, but a Colorado resident in spirit.  Bart’s first real foray into spirituality was at a rather conservative Christian mega-church where he spent nine years learning a very specific brand of Christianity. Bart credits this experience with introducing him to what it means to be a devoted follower of Christ, but it also restricted his ability to be the person who God created him to be. The break with that church and their fellowship was painful, but set the stage for a much deeper spiritual life to come.

Bart and Patrick started dating 24 years ago while living in Laguna Beach. (Yes, that makes them both very old!) Once their relationship developed into a full-fledged committed partnership they realized their need to become spiritually grounded as well. After some great experiences at a few fledgling independent congregations, they became active members at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. 

They moved to CO six years ago along with their then 9-year old son (now at East High) Brandt, and German Shepherd Zilla. After some church shopping, it wasn’t long before they stumbled upon Highlands Church and quickly realized it was home.


Dale graduated from Michigan State, and completed a Masters in Psychology and a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Professionally, he’s been a psycho therapist, a pastor on a large staff, and co-pastored a new church plant.  He was also a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ on the college campus and overseas for six years.  For the last 28 years though he’s worked for The Salvation Army and currently oversees the social services for the Intermountain Division.

Very early Dale felt drawn to nature and God in very private and deep ways.  He always believed that He was there, but not always that He cared.  As we get older we hope we will have learned some important life lessons.  Here’s a few of Dale’s:
· God loves and accepts me as I am…more than I can comprehend
· I don’t have to prove anything to anyone…it’s OK to enjoy life
· God wants to do more in and through me than I believe…so take a risk, go for it

Most importantly to Dale, he’s a father of three grown children and the grandfather of two. They have been and are such a blessing to he and his wife, Sylvia. They even followed them to Denver from Michigan a little over a year ago. Before they left Michigan, Dale searched the web for churches in Denver and discovered Highland’s existence and ethos. He told Sylvia, that they had to check that one out! They did, and never left.