We Are, All of Us, So Wonderfully Complex

It’s amazing how, after having spent 10 years — most of my adult life so far — here in the States, I’m beginning to forget what it felt like to grow up in the far-away land of Brazil. It’s almost as if the memories that sustained such a crucial aspect of my history have begun […]

Beauty Can Be Elusive

This week’s article is submitted by Jeana Pynes, Pastor of Families and Community Engagement, just returned from a summer sabbatical. Hello my Highlands Friends, I’m back! And if I had to choose one word to describe my sabbatical summer, it would be beauty. Though oftentimes, beauty was elusive. I had to work for it. One […]

Is Connection a Fantasy, Church?

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO FIRST with Heather Nelson and her grandpa, evangelical icon, Chuck Swindoll. This week’s article is by Highlander and director of Khesed Wellness, Heather Nelson. Glennon Doyle Melton posted on her Instagram a couple weeks ago a quote by an unknown author that said, “You are not required to set yourself on fire […]

Show Our Support, Love, and Care for Refugees Around the World

This week’s guest contributor is our Pastor of Families & Community Engagement, Jeana Pynes. The refugee crisis in our world is far from over. Highlands has the privilege to partner with the ACC, a refugee resettlement organization. Though few refugees are being accepted into the US at this time, we have the opportunity to welcome […]

An Opportunity to Love Each Other As Much as God Loves Us

My fellow Highlanders, hello! Olja here – or as Jill Altieri likes to call me – America’s favorite refugee! Being called “America’s favorite refugee” brings a big smile to my face. My family was saved by a beautiful family in Germany who took us in when we were escaping the war. I also know, my […]

We Are Different. Yet Alike.

Last Sunday, Highlands Church began the long journey of supporting refugees. For our first initiative, we’re partnering with a local, Denver resettlement agency, “ACC.” 50 of us gathered in the auditorium where we heard from amazing people, like Eyni Ali (pictured) from Somalia. Eyni is 17 years old, attends high school in Aurora, and has […]

Your Shadows Shorten When You Stop Hiding 

This week’s article is by guest-contributor and Highlander, Paula Williams. It was my privilege to present a keynote address at the 2017 Gay Christian Network Conference. The response of the 1400 attendees was overwhelming. They expressed such appreciation. Your shadows shorten when you stop hiding. In my later years as a male, it always felt […]

Shut Up and Slow Down

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 is a much nicer way to say, “Slow down and shut up”, but it should have the same jarring urgency to it. At our weekly staff meetings, we always take a chunk of time for different prayer exercises. They not only help us all stay […]

Pastor Confesses He Lived with an Axe Murderer

The axe murderer I am referring to is God. Not God for who God is, but God as I was taught to understand Him and teach about Him (male pronouns intentional). The deal is, the God that far too many of us were taught to understand and teach about was only a part-time axe murderer. […]

“Hey now, Hey now, Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Even though I am a died in the wool hippie for music from the late 60’s to mid 70’s, Crowded House is the band of the mid 80’s to 90’s that just tears me up. There is something so vulnerable about Neil Finn’s voice. Seriously, this band makes me weepy sometimes. So you can imagine […]