A Glimpse Into the Delight of God

“God delights in us.” We say it a lot at Highlands Church because we really believe it. But something happened last week that made me realize I may use the phrase a little too casually. I am not always bearing in mind what a sparkling emotion is being described by the word “delight.” God delights […]

The Best Part of a Bleeding Heart

Like any other self-respecting word-nerd, I subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”. I like learning the meaning of unfamiliar words, I like learning the etymology of words I know and I’m especially interested in learning the background and history of common phrases of speech. As a young child in upstate New York, it was […]

Better Vision: Seeing More of What is Really There

I have been wearing glasses since I was two years old. Adorable you say? Picture this; I was not walking by age two so I was crawling and scooting across the floor like a little Woody Allen. And to complete the picture, I had a “lazy” left eye so there was little crawling Woody with […]

The Sure Bet of a Simpler Life

I should have put money down and shaken hands with any number of people who were betting I would not be able to make the switch to semi-retirement at 25%. I could have made a bundle off my wife but that’s hardly a net gain for the household. Before I started semi-retirement my wife, Leanne, […]

I May be Positively Glowing in Twenty Years

10 days before I semi-retired to 25% in July, I found out I had prostate cancer. That’s never going to sound like good news but fortunately, I turned 65 in August and Medicare reduced our costs significantly. Because of my age and a couple of other circumstances, the best treatment for me was radiation rather […]

Turning 10!!!

Highlands church North Denver has been the best “experiment” I’ve ever been part of. And, yes, I know we are a church, but the whole prospect has been an experiment in being a new kind of church. Like, would it be possible to be a church where everyone is welcome without exception? Where differences between […]

The If’s, Ands, and Butts of the Body of Christ

On our recent trip to East Africa with fellow Highlanders, I was looking forward to trekking with gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. Despite having had a fever for a few days, I was feeling well enough and was motivated on gorilla day to give it a try. I did NOT want to miss this […]

A Few Notes for Us All as I Start My Semi-Retirement!

At our Community Meeting this past Sunday many important things were shared but I wanted to recap just a few of my comments for the sake of those who couldn’t be there. Since I will be working 25% of what I have in the past, ordinarily that means I will work one full week a […]

Semi-retiring Makes Me Excited and Nervous!

I officially become a quarter-time employee in about 4 days when I semi-retire. I’m about to start doing a quarter-ass job around here. And yes, I’m both excited and nervous about it. I’m excited about the possibilities that open up for me to be more available to my wife and family. I’m excited for what […]

Unbearable Beauty

“Bear one another’s burdens”, so says the Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:2. Just a few verses later in verse 5 he says that each of us will have to “bear our own load.” Some of the things that weigh us down are ours to carry alone, but there are other burdens we carry that also […]