Better Together

Hello Beloved Highlanders!

With deep gratitude, it is my joy to share with you the loving impact our church is having in the world! And it’s an honor to unveil our plans for a Fall Commitment Drive, which we have aptly named: “Better Together!”

If you haven’t heard the news, our new building at 1700 S. Grant St. in Denver has been transformed into a mission-outpost for ministry and worship. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Hosting prayer gatherings, Well-Beings workshops, & leadership strategy groups.
  • Getting to know our new neighbors, who are thrilled to have us!
  • Providing a robust on-line presence which includes weekly worship services, children’s lessons, daily prayer practices, and racial justice education work.
  • Our growing diversity is a place of great celebration for us and for our new neigh- bors: people of all ages, from various family configurations, races, ethnicities, and sexual & gender orientations, from all parts of the city and the nation, find the Spirit of God at work and at play in our church.

One of the biggest expressions of our mission, to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God is our Benevolence Fund. We’ve been able to care for folks who otherwise would have been without a home, food, or enough support to get through the pandemic.

Our church is reliant on two sources of income. 1.) Sustaining Partner gifts are regular donations. 2.) One-time gifts support special ministries like our Benevolence Fund. Today, funding for benevolence is solid. We thank God and everyone who participat- ed. Our need this fall is to bolster our Sustaining Partner donations.

The sobering news is that our regular “Sustaining Partner” giving is down by 25%. The effect on our ministry and worship will be dramatic if the decline continues.

Sustaining Partners are people or families that make ongoing, recurring commit- ments to give financially and pray faithfully for Highlands Church. We have 150 Sustaining Partners. We are striving to expand to 400 Sustaining Partners. $1,000/ month is not too much. $10/month is not too little. Any amount you give will make a difference, as together, we reveal Christ’s loving, life-giving presence to our com- munity and our world.

Will you join me in making a commitment to the long-term vision for our neigh- borhood and far beyond? Become a Sustaining Partner or renew your Sustaining Partner commitment today. We are better together!

With gratitude and love in Christ,

Jenny Morgan • Co-Pastor

Frequently Asked Questions

What did the letter mean by “dramatic changes?” Or What does that 25% deficit mean? 

While our leadership council and Co-pastors are primarily committed to our mission and vision, they are also deeply committed to our new building and our staff – if we can’t raise enough money, those will be the things that suffer. Overall, our giving is down by 25%, and we need to come together not only to close that gap, but also to give us enough of a financial runway to continue our growth and expansion as a church. 

Are we down in donations because of the building?

No. The costs are nearly exactly the same as when we were in the Holiday Theater – we’re down by 25% because of the Global Pandemic. Some families had to make necessary changes and unfortunately had to quit giving, and so our giving overall has been down because of the effects of COVID. But this dip has not been because of the building or the move. 

I’m already a sustaining partner, why do I need to fill out a form?

Amazing! Thank you so much for being a Sustaining Partner! YES, we do need EVERYONE to fill out the commitment card. The reason is because the commitment card commitments are a way of getting everyone on the same page and giving us a spiritual boost by joining together in the movement that is us.  We are better together and we need a big boost of togetherness. The commitment card is simply saying, “Yes, I’m in!” 

It takes about 20 seconds to fill out the online card. Or you can mail it in. Or if you’re having any trouble or have any questions, give us a call at 720-515-4255. You’ll get an automated message, but someone will call you back within 48 hours.

Why do you need a commitment? Can’t I just give randomly?

You can ALWAYS give randomly and we’re grateful for that. However, an official commitment helps us plan when it comes to budgeting and making future church decisions. 

Here’s an analogy that might help. If your employer came to them saying, “Hey we’re still going to pay you, but it’s going to be at random” – that would make it almost impossible for you to budget and plan. The commitment card is a way of saying, “Yes! I’m in” and here’s what you can expect from me so that you can plan accordingly for my church.

So are we just trying to get out of a hole? Could this be a temporary commitment?

This isn’t just about covering a deficit – this is also about expanding our mission, which includes expanding our children’s ministry and our youth ministry, eventually hiring a full-time Youth Pastor and as soon as possible hiring a 3rd Co-pastor. Our commitments together are helping launch us into future dreams and plans for the church and all the ways we’ll support the neighborhood, the city, racial justice, and further inclusion of more people in our world.