The Staff and Leadership Council of Highlands Church North Denver have together decided that the Holiday Theater is no longer the right fit for our worshiping community. We have an exciting new update! With that comes some answers, and many more questions! If you have further questions, please contact Co-pastor Rachael McClair or Leadership Council member Josh Kleinman.


UPDATE! We are currently under contract at 1700 S. Grant St. Denver! Assuming all goes well, we will close on this
property towards the end of February! We want to hear from you! Please reach out if you have additional questions: leadershipcouncil@highlandschurchdenver.org or rmcclair@highlandschurchdenver.org


Tell Us More! Why this property?
* Our strong preference was to stay in the North Denver/Highlands area. However, after researching and visiting many properties, finding a property that is large enough, within our geographic boundaries, and within our price range was difficult. Therefore, we extended our search to include properties in the city-center area of Denver. 1700 S. Grant met most of our search criteria with great growth potential.
* This property is in a desirable neighborhood – meaning, it is a good financial investment and will hold its value, with good driving and public transit accessibility. The building itself is in great condition, with minimal repairs needed to get us in.
* It is an old Presbyterian church. The auditorium seats 300 people comfortably, with additional space for community gatherings, our growing youth group, and safe, secure classrooms for all of our kids. Plus room to grow!
* The main floor is ADA accessible, with immediate plans to ensure the basement level is also ADA accessible.
* There is a parking lot which will hold approximately 50 cars with the potential to add more.
* We can see ourselves here! And we can’t wait to have you in the building, dreaming with us about how we might respond to the call of doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God in this new neighborhood!

What Happens Next:
* We have several weeks left until we close on this property. We do not expect any problems to arise, but until we sign on the dotted line, we do not yet own the property. Please continue to pray for a smooth process!
* Closing is set for Feb 28th, but could get moved sooner.
* We will host info meetings throughout the process of renovations to keep you updated on progress.
* We will host some Open Houses early in the process (dates TBD) – please come and dream with us!!
* We will be asking for your feedback/input on a few key decisions, so be watching for those opportunities!
* We need your help making 1700 S. Grant our home – watch for volunteer opportunities coming soon!

What Can I Do Now?
* Please continue to talk with us, your Deepen group, and friends
* Pray for this transition
* Ask yourself these two questions: What does Highlands Church mean to me? What do I mean to HC?

When will we move? The exact timeline will be determined by the pace at which repairs and updates can be made, likely in June or July of 2020. We will update you as this time-frame is more clearly defined.
Will we go back to two services? We know that for many of you, the 9:00am worship time is ideal. Given the smaller size of the new auditorium, we will likely return to two services beginning in the fall of 2020.
Will there be some kind of commemoration/celebration of the Holiday before we leave? Yes! We will have opportunities to say farewell, including a last service when it is time to leave the Holiday. God did so much for us and through us during our time in the Holiday, and there is much to be grateful for.

What does this new building cost? The purchase of the building is $2.4M, with another budgeted $300K for repairs and renovations, and another $300K for Capital Reserves for a total price of $3M. While Platt Park is an expensive area, this price is actually less expensive than buildings we found in Lakewood and Arvada.
How will we afford this? VidaPoint LLC has generously promised a $1M donation from the sale of the Holiday Theater to the church towards the purchase of this building. In addition, the church has secured a $2M commercial loan, that will be paid over 30 years. Between the generous gift and reasonable loan terms, we will initially pay slightly more per month than we are currently paying in rent, but with the benefit of owning the property. It is projected that by year 7 of owning, we will pay less per month than we would if we were still renting.
Will there be a capital campaign to pay for the purchase of this building? No. In addition to the generous $1M gift, we have secured a loan to pay for the building, including Phase 1 of renovations and repairs. Depending on what we feel called to do in the future, there is a possibility of a capital campaign down the line, but not in 2020.
Does this building have everything we were looking for in a new space? Our top priorities when looking for a new space included an auditorium/gathering space that seats at least 300; minimum of five classrooms for kids; youth space; a large community room; parking; public transit accessibility and a full kitchen. 1700 S. Grant has all
of these. We also hoped to find a location that felt connected to the local community/economy. 1700 S. Grant is one block south of Platt Park, and two blocks away from the shops and restaurants of S. Pearl St.
I’ve been traumatized by the church, and am worried about how churchy the new building will feel. Can you do anything to make it feel more like home to us? Yes! We know this is true for many of us. While we know how important aesthetics are, we also need to remember that Highlands Church, and the sense of “home” we feel here, has much more to do with the people than it does the walls. Having said that, we will do our very best to put our personal touches on the building, reclaiming this space as a place for beauty and redemption for all of us.
What will happen to the partners who use our building now (AA, Al-Anon, Khesed Counseling)? These partnerships are extremely important to us – we plan to offer our new space to all three.
Will we change our name? Our name will be Highlands Church.
How does this impact the attendees who live nearby? Those who live in the North Denver/Highlands neighborhood will be impacted uniquely by this decision. We know that, for those who walk or ride bikes to church, it will be a big change to have to drive outside the neighborhood. We hope and pray that everyone will continue to be
a part of Highlands Church.