A Glimpse Into the Delight of God

“God delights in us.” We say it a lot at Highlands Church because we really believe it. But something happened last week that made me realize I may use the phrase a little too casually. I am not always bearing in mind what a sparkling emotion is being described by the word “delight.” God delights […]

The Best Part of a Bleeding Heart

Like any other self-respecting word-nerd, I subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”. I like learning the meaning of unfamiliar words, I like learning the etymology of words I know and I’m especially interested in learning the background and history of common phrases of speech. As a young child in upstate New York, it was […]

The Voice of Our Youth

A few Sundays ago, I was asking our middle-schoolers if they felt like they have a voice in a world that seems to belong to adults: “Do you feel seen and heard when you have something different to say? … Do you feel like your voice actually matters?” At first, hesitation filled the air, and […]

The Essence of the Word “Blessed”

For years I struggled with the word “blessing”. It seems so often people use that word to describe when life was going good, and they are “blessed” by God. But Jesus says something quite a bit different. So here’s Jesus, standing on a hill, saying all these weird things, like “Blessed are the poor in […]

Two Steps Closer

After nearly a month of inspections, quotes, and wandering through the halls dreaming of what could be, we found our new home. God has made the way for us to purchase the building at 1700 S. Grant St. On Sunday, the Leadership Council voted unanimously to continue forward with the purchase of this building. On Monday, we […]

Questions Are For Asking

How many of us heard, “Quit asking so many questions!” growing up? Especially in church. During our Stones of Remembrance service, Jennie Lewis told us her painful story of recently being asked to leave her previous church’s small group because she asked too many “disruptive” questions. Mother Teresa, the nun who served the poorest of […]

So Much Change Ahead for Us in 2020!

We’re about to take our next step forward as a church: we are looking for a new home! Over the last decade, we’ve lived in 4 different buildings: The Oriental Theater, an old church (that’s been converted into condos/brewery) on 32nd and Lowell, North High School, and for the last 6+ years, the beloved Holiday […]

Faith is What Makes Life Bearable

Greetings Highlands Church Family! On behalf of our Staff Team and Leadership Council, I wish you a very Merry Christmas full of the contagious love of Christ. And I’m praying for you this week. I pray you experience growth in your faith. “Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and […]

Who Is Jesus, And Where Is He?

I find it fascinating that, in some parts of the Gospel stories, Jesus asks people to not reveal his identity to anyone. One example is found in Mark 8:27-30, when Peter calls Jesus “the Christ”, and Jesus orders him to keep that to himself. I mean, wouldn’t it make sense for Jesus to want the […]


TODAY is our 7th Annual CHRISTMAS GALA! We plan all year for this party, and we want you to be there! In November of 2013, we had recently moved into the Holiday Theater, and we were beginning to feel settled into our new home. Fellow Highlander Monique Crine came to Co-pastor Mark Tidd and said, […]