Deepen Dinners

(Deepen, Social and Ongoing)

Deepen — A Soulful Get Together

Are you wanting to connect with others, make friends and experience a greater sense of belonging at Highlands? Beginning now, and continuing thru the summer, we have dinner hosts in various parts of the Denver metro area ready to welcome you into their homes. Group sizes vary, on average, from 6-12 individuals, meet weekly or every other week, gather over a period of two to three months and have the potential of creating a “sense of community” that may well continue on in some form. To get involved with one of the deepen dinners please contact Cindy Wells or stop by the Connection Center.

What Are Deepen Dinners?

These are small groups within our church community, who gather to grow deeper with God and each other. Gathering for 8-10 weeks over a meal creates an opportunity to understand each other, our stories, and our faith journey. Participants bring a treasure they wish to share with the group.

Deepen Dinners Are Not Primarily…

…educational opportunities or book clubs. Nor are they courses though everyone will learn a lot from each other. They are not just an intellectual exchange, but are meant to engage the heart as well. Groups are not lead by leaders with expertise, but by fellow church members with a heart to serve. We recognize these dinners may not be for everyone. However, we passionately believe these dinners must be available for those in need of or desire for deeper relationships.

Deepen Dinner Host Training

Would you like to host a Deepen Dinner this winter/spring? During the months of Feb and March we will be hosting 3-4 dinners to prepare you to become a dinner host. The date/time/location will be determined after participants have registered. The Deepen Dinners provide an opportunity to connect with a smaller group of individuals and develop a sense of greater connection and belonging. Register here.

If interest in joining and want to participate in, have a question or would like to host a dinner, email Cindy Wells.