Highlands Church COVID-19 Resources

We know this pandemic is hitting many of us hard. If you are a parent in need of help with childcare so that you can continue to work, if you are homebound and need assistance running errands, or maybe just a phone call to check in, we are here to help! Reach out to Pastor Jeana or fill out a request for financial assistance.

General COVID Information

Denver COVID – Updated as more information becomes available
Colorado Dept of Health
CDC Coronavirus Information

Get Help

Information on unemployment benefits
Who can apply for unemployment benefits
Rent and utility assistance
Two months of free internet from Comcast
Help paying energy bills
The Undocumented Workers Fund

In response to the specific and growing mental health needs right now, KHESED has launched three programs to help those at particular risk: (1) free video and phone mental health therapy sessions for underinsured displaced workers in the Greater Denver area, (2) free video and phone mental health therapy sessions for underinsured LGBTQ+ folx, and (3) a free ongoing support group for those impacted by COVID-19. They believe every person deserves access to a mental health clinician they can afford, especially right now. Call them (720-575-9889) or contact them to learn more.

Give Help

Contribute to the Highlands Benevolence Fund
Help out the greater Denver area
Donate to ACC’s Emergency Supply Drive