Co-Pastor Mark’s Retirement

With the full blessing of the Staff and the Leadership Council, semi-retired co-pastor Mark Tidd is ready to fully retire starting July 1, 2021! Mark founded and served Highlands Church for twelve years, with another 25+ years in pastoral ministry prior to starting Highlands. 

What does it mean that Mark is fully retired? What changes? Mark will no longer lead any ministry, staff, volunteer team, or provide pastoral care. Other than when he preaches, every time you see Mark serving he is serving as a volunteer.

What will Mark’s title be? He will be our Retired Founding Pastor

Will Mark and Leanne leave Highlands Church when he retires? Mark and Leanne aren’t going anywhere! They are grateful to continue to worship in this faith community that they worked so hard to establish. 

Will Mark still preach? Mark has been asked to serve on the Teaching Team for the next 12 months. 

When will we celebrate Mark’s retirement? We will officially celebrate Mark’s retirement on September 12th; we’re planning a big Homecoming bash to celebrate our 12th anniversary, officially kick off our new era in the Platt Park neighborhood, and to celebrate our founder(s) Mark (& Leanne)

What is our plan to hire another co-pastor? It is in our Strategic Plan to hire another co-pastor in the next 2-4 years. 

Are we still committed to diversifying our teaching team? Absolutely! Mark is serving as an interim as we continue to develop more diverse voices to share the preaching for Highlands Church.

Are we still committed to Trinitarian-inspired, shared leadership? Yes! Trinitarian-inspired leadership doesn’t mean there has to be three people. It means that the leaders of Highlands Church are imitating the mutual deference, love and shared power we see in the three persons of the Trinity. 

When will we hire someone to lead our kids’ ministry? We are actively searching for a Families Minister and are very eager to see this area of ministry flourish in our new space, purchased especially for our kids and youth!

Watch the announcement from the Co-Pastors (May 30, 2021)

Watch the follow-up message from Mark (June 6, 2021)