To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.
To lead the creation of just and generous, Christ-centered communities that empower all of God’s diverse people.
To reassure the relationally and spiritually hungry that they are loved by God and inspire them to do the next loving thing.
of our Mission, Vision & Purpose are:
Embody Core Theology
Inspire Worship
Cultivate (local & international) Partnerships
Nourish Children & Youth
and Nurture Belonging.
Essential RESOURCES for the work include:
Staff, Leadership Council, Volunteers, Communications, IT Support, the Holiday Theater, our Fundraising Strategy and the Oregon Foundation.


Over the next FIVE years, our Branches will be evidenced by:

(our secret sauce)

Trinitarian-inspired, shared leadership.

Radical* hospitality which imitates God and begins with Our Ethos (*radix – “from the root”).

Radical inclusivity which actively works for equity for People of Color.

Radical inclusivity which honors the belovedness of LGBTQ-identifying people.

Radical unity which embraces diversity in religious traditions as we all seek to love as God loves.

Radical generosity in our
• approach to the Bible
• our faith in Christ
• our Trinitarian-grounded theology
• understanding of justice


Sunday worship service(s) which invite us into deeper identity as God’s beloved children and send us out to live the mission of Micah 6:8

Over the next two years, we hope to identify church planters as we pay careful attention to where the Spirit leads us to collaborate/partner for the sake of new faith communities come into being.

Over the next two years, we will actively discern possibilities of serving alongside our Spanish-speaking community/neighborhood.

Foster an online community of Highlanders by providing live-stream services and personal communication through our online platforms.


Focus on a neighborhood school as a main partnership, supporting the students, their families, and the school staff in a variety of relational and practical ways.

Expand our international partnership with the work of Global Livingston Institute in Uganda/Rwanda.

Develop more agility to respond to other local/international needs as resources allow. Currently we devote volunteer resources to ACC, Casa de Paz, and Bienvenidos Food Bank/Community Christmas Celebration.


Offer well volunteer-staffed Sunday care for our youngest and Christian education for all students through a variety of curricula intended to assure that our kids know they are the Beloved of God.

Over the next two years, we will develop a youth discipleship program, aimed at deepening our teen’s experience and personal connection with God.

Provide a comprehensive and holistic human sexuality training for our students through Our Whole Lives curriculum.

Provide regular, shared activities for our youth in order to build relationships and connections to their church.

Recruit a growing volunteer team to support our philosophy of incarnational, relational ministry.


Provide pathways for friendship through existing and new opportunities like Deepen small groups, LGBTQ group, Community Conversations, and other affinity groups.

Create a pathway for Highlanders to learn about the church and meet other people in a focused way.

Provide opportunities for personal health and growth (Well-beings, Khesed)

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