Children and Family Soul Care

We provide opportunities for children to grow, love and learn from infancy through high school.

All children (infant-elementary) should be checked into the children’s area before the service begins. Pre-K through elementary-age kids will join their parents at Communion. All other kids can be picked up in the children’s area after the service.

Questions? Contact Jolene Funkhouser or Jeana Pynes.

Check out the Youth page to learn about programming for middle and high school students!

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Resources for Children during Online Services

March 22: Video from Jeana
March 29: Video from Jeana, Video from Jolene
April 5: Video from Jeana
April 19: Video from Jolene
April 26: Video from Jeana
May 3: Godly Play with Jolene, Video from Jeana
May 10: Video from Jeana
May 17: Video from Jolene
May 24: Video from Jeana
May 31: All Children’s Videos

We provide opportunities for children to grow, love and learn from infancy through high school. Our desire is to nurture the wonder and faith of all our children. Volunteers go through an application and interview process that includes State and National Criminal Background Checks. All volunteers are required to wear nametags that indicate that they are Children’s Soul Care volunteers.

Infants and Toddlers:
Babies can be checked into the nursery before the service and picked up directly after. Our ratio of baby to adult conforms to the state standard of no more than 2 to 1, and 5 to 1 for toddlers. We want our littlest ones to have a safe, quiet place to get their needs met during the service. You are also welcome to stay with your baby in the nursery and listen to the service live. You will receive a “Parent Visitor” nametag upon entering the nursery.

Early Learners (Pre-K)
These little explorers are ready for a short story Godly Play lesson or book, snacks and plenty of time to play.  If your child has an allergy or a special dietary need, please indicate this on your child’s nametag and let our volunteers know. You are always welcome to provide your own snack for your child as well. Keep in mind, we do not allow nuts of any kind in our classrooms. Our ratio of child to adult conforms to the state standard of no more than 12 to 1. Pre-Kindergarten children join their parents for communion.

Elementary Classes: K–1st Grade, 2nd–3rd Grade, 4th–5th Grade
Elementary-aged children are checked into the children’s area at the beginning of the service and are then divided into three classes.

Godly Play 2019 schedule

We employ the “Godly Play” model of learning. Godly Play is designed to provide a worship experience for children, and in the process, learn about the heart of God. The children in grades Pre-K–3rd are invited into stories from the Bible and have the opportunity to wonder about the story together while the 4th and 5th graders dive deeper into the text. Following the story, they engage in various creative tasks, including painting, drawing, working with clay, building or reading. We close our time with prayer and conversation, giving the children time to enjoy their unique community. The children will then join their parents in the service for Communion. At Highlands Church, we believe everyone is welcome at the Communion table, and wish to give our children the opportunity to experience this sacrament within the larger community.

We would love to meet you! Feel free to stop by the children’s area anytime. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts related to the Children’s Program at Highlands, contact our Pastor of Children & Family Soul Care, Jeana Pynes.

If you are interested in volunteering with our kids, please contact Jolene Funkhouser or Jeana Pynes.

If you have been asked to complete a background screening, please click here.