Sunday Mornings
9:00 AM
The G
arage on Clay Street


Community Conversations is a dialogue-centered initiative where we seek to grow, both communally and individually, through the rich and challenging practice of listening to one another. The topics we tackle fall within a large range of subjects, often related to faith, life, and the complexities of the human condition.

We usually begin with a question, but the main goal is not to necessarily know what the answer is; the goal, instead, is to foster a space where grace emerges from the not-knowing. At Community Conversations, we don’t aim for right and/or wrong; we aim for creating and nurturing a community of love that welcomes paradox, a brave environment where people can voice those questions we’ve all been holding for so long.

This group is a great way to meet new people and form friendship in a smaller, less intimidating setting. But whether you’ve been attending Highlands for a long time or have just started (or even if you’ve never at all!) you are very welcome to join our rich conversations and come experience, for yourself, the liberating freedom of not needing to be right.

See you soon!