Sunday Volunteers

We believe God is always welcoming us into the fold of God’s love. Our best worship imitates God’s welcome and one way we do this is by volunteering on Sundays:

Welcome people through hospitality BEFORE AND AFTER services.
Entrance Greeters = Be the friendly person people see first when they arrive at service and hand them the program.
Connection Center = Respond to inquiries from attendees and actively look for new people before and after service to ensure they get any answers to questions or information needed.
Food & Beverage Hosts = Ensure food and drink refreshments are purchased/delivered, prepared, served and cleaned up. Arrive at 8 am. Hosts are able to attend the early service and leave immediately after cleanup, if desired.

Welcome people to God’s Table by SERVING COMMUNION
Communion Coordinator = ensure sufficient coverage of Communion servers by drawing attention to the sign up board and sharing the process with new servers.
Communion Servers = Sign up in the lobby Sunday morning on the chalk board. If it’s your first time, review the process with the Communion Coordinator. Serving Communion is open to anyone who chooses to participate. Come to the front when the Communion Presider call the servers

Contact our Community Connector, Cindy Wells, at to learn more about hospitality and Communion volunteer opportunities.

Welcome children and their parents by volunteering in the NURSERY or TEACHING GODLY PLAY to our Pre-K thru 5th Graders (Nursery & GP Ministers). Contact Jeana Pynes at to help with the kids!

Welcome people by curating the VISUAL EXPERIENCE in the auditorium with guiding words and images on the screen, or creating the aesthetic on stage/seasonal (A/V Presenters or Vibe Crew)
A/V Presenters = Using a software called ProPresenter, run the Sunday morning slideshow. This software is user-friendly, making it easy to ensure accuracy a seamless stream of art and lyrics/liturgy on the screen.
Vibe Crew = This team sets the table every week for communion and freshens up the reflection tables. Additionally, this team works on large-scale projects around the major church holidays of Advent, Lent and Easter.
Contact Rachael McClair at to volunteer.

Welcome people by providing the SOUNDTRACK to our worship (Audio Tech, Instrumentalists & Vocalists, Choir)
Audio/Visual Team = this team learns the ins-and-outs of running the sound board, lighting and video presentations.
Instrumentalists = We work collaboratively, so the style of music varies from week to week. We invite all instruments, if you are an experienced player and interested in contributing to the soundtrack of our worship.
Vocalists = Vocalists need to be able to hear multiple harmonic parts and to blend their voice with others, within different musical styles. Reading music is not necessary, but is helpful. Music varies from week to week.
Contact Rachael McClair at to volunteer.
Choir = Our choir co-leads the worship gatherings periodically under the fantastic leadership of Todd McCracken. They rehearse every other Sunday afternoon and sing a variety of worship, gospel, and more traditional choral tunes. See the CHOIR page for more info.