Welcome Home

We’re excited to welcome you back to Sunday Worship at the BrickHouse! In-person services require registration, which opens every Sunday at 10 AM for the upcoming Sunday. If all spots are full, you can contact Mia at mia@highlandschurchdenver.org to join the waitlist.

There are three ways for you to worship with us every Sunday:

1 ) Join us online via Livestream

Our 9 AM Worship Service is streamed live via YouTube and Facebook each week. Join us live or watch the recording immediately following the service.

2) 9 AM Worship Service 

Registration required. Socially distanced pods are set up within the Sanctuary. Children’s Soul Care & Youth Group is also available at this service. 

3) 10:30 AM Worship Service 

Registration required. Socially distanced pods are set up within the Sanctuary. Children’s Soul Care & Youth Group IS NOT available at this service. 

COVID Safety at Highlands

Since the pandemic forced us to close our doors to in-person worship in March of 2020, the Staff and Leadership Council of Highlands Church has been navigating decisions to re-open based on our stated values of prayerfully following the guidance of the CDC, State, and local officials, creating space for all, and respecting each other by putting the safety of others first.

We know that health and safety are important in your decision to return to worshiping in-person in our new home at 1700 S. Grant. St. Below is a summary of the hard work the Staff has put in to prepare to return to in-person gatherings, as well as a list of the safety protocols which will be in place for the foreseeable future. If you have further questions, please send them to admin@highlandschurchdenver.org.

The Highlands Staff has developed an internal safety team, made up of individuals connected to public health and safety. They put together a Highlands Church COVID safety plan. Additionally, we had an independent, exhaustive audit done on our plan through H2 Manufacturing. This audit and their recommendations brought us into full alignment with state and local safety regulations and guidelines, and includes training of all Staff and future volunteers.

Protocols Summary

  • Cleaning stations in all of the trafficked areas that include H2 recommended cleaning supplies, and cleaning log.
  • Posted signs throughout the building of the COVID safety guidelines.
  • Quarantine system for books and paper products
  • Personal protocols for safety which include:
    • Wearing a mask at all times while in the building
    • Keeping 6 ft social distance
    • Taking temperatures of everyone who walks into the building
    • Cleaning common spaces after use (i.e personal areas, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, sanctuary, meeting rooms)
    • Sign-in station to track all individuals who have been in the building
    • Reporting system and point of contact with health dept. for when someone feels sick or has tested positive for COVID
    • Shut down water fountains, and eliminated the sharing of food
    • Vocalists, speakers, and Pastors are all using their own mic
  • Additional protocols for re-opening include:
    • An attendance cap for all worship services and events that is based on H2 audit recommendations
    • As part of pre-registration, attendees will receive an assumption of risk document via email
    • Attendees will pre-register for worship in pods (family members or other close knit units)
    • Pods will be socially distanced from other pods
    • Sign-in and screening process for all events. This will include symptom screening, temperature taking, and a sign-in sheet.
    • People will be asked to not enter if they are experiencing any one of the listed systems
    • Bathrooms are individual use
    • Communion will be available to individual pods in individually prepared containers
    • Families will pre-register their children for the children’s or youth ministries, when available
    • There will be a cap for the number of children or youth who can be in one room at a time
    • Social distancing and mask wearing will be implemented
    • Additional protocols for dropping off/picking up children will be implemented